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About me

Hi! It’s great that you’re here because this is one of the best places on the Internet where you can learn Polish as a foreign language. I created it from my passion to both learning and teaching languages.

My name is Barbara Jasińska and I am a teacher of Polish as a foreign language. But I started my career as an English teacher, which equipped me with great experience in the area of teaching methodology. To complete my education, I finished postgraduate studies in the methodology of teaching Polish as a foreign language at Polska Akademia Nauk (Polish Academy of Sciences).


Languages that I speak

Apart from English, I also learned French and German, so I know how difficult it is to start with a totally new language, how frustrating it can be in the beginning, when you want to speak, but you can’t find the words. You want to understand what people say, but you only hear a long series of sounds and don’t know where the words start or finish. You want to read, but how you’re supposed to pronounce these strange combinations of letters? I don’t even want to mention writing – forget it!

Yet I learned myself that your persistence and the right methods can perform miracles. They are your own miracles and they mainly depend on your motivation and learning habits. Nevertheless, I also discovered that a good teacher, an interesting lesson, a well-organized book or course can be of a great help. Actually, after making a few bad choices in my own learning process, I finally decided that I couldn’t afford mediocre lessons, teachers or courses!

My methods

On the other hand, I started using my observations and experience in my work as a teacher. First of all, I try to make my students’ learning more pleasant. It has been proved that if you like the process of your development, it goes faster and more smoothly. Secondly, I try to make my lessons and courses as varied as possible. I use texts, pictures, recordings, films and songs. Then everyone has a chance to get interested. The variety of materials, methods and techniques raises the chances that you will be able to succeed in acquiring a language regardless of your learning style.

Polish is a language in which grammar plays a great role. There are a lot of verb endings, but above all, there is declension – seven cases which change noun and adjective endings depending on the context. That’s why it is important that you go slowly, step by step, and do a lot of grammar exercises if you don’t want to get totally lost. I provide a lot of exercises at each stage of your learning process. In the meantime, you learn vocabulary and some useful phrases that you can use in everyday life.


Individual online lessons

At present I offer individual online classes and I am preparing my first online course on an e-learning platform. My online lessons include a lot of coaching elements: you set your goals, you take the responsibility, but I assist, help, motivate you and provide all the appropriate materials.

You can find here grammar tables, vocabulary infographics and information about Poland and Polish culture for free. Explanations are provided in Polish or in English. I regularly publish infographics, grammar tables and exercises on my fanpage on Facebook.


Good luck – you’re great!

I don’t know your goals and motivation, but I know one thing: everyone can learn a foreign language, even if it is considered to be difficult. It just needs persistence, individual approach and time, of course. There are no magical methods, I would never dare promise that. If you want to know a foreign language, you need to make an effort and spend time on learning it. If you do this, you will succeed. I strongly believe in you!