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Polish Lessons

Do you want to learn Polish fast, smoothly and without stress? You’re in the right place!

I provide online one-to-one lessons, which are the most effective way of learning. My classes are prepared especially for you and they take into account your motivation, goals, learning style and interests. It is you who decide about the amount of time you want to spend on learning, homework and about the topics you want to tackle. But you’re not left alone. I assist you, advise you, provide appropriate resources and motivate you all the time.

How it works

  • You contact me and tell me about your motivation, goals and your Polish level.
  • We arrange a trial meeting to discuss your motivation and goals in detail. This meeting lasts about 30 minutes and it is free of charge.
  • Before each lesson, I prepare a PPT presentation especially for you. It matches your objectives, learning style and interests. You don’t need to buy books because you get the presentation after each lesson to revise the material.
  • You also get access to all the recordings needed for the lesson and your homework.
  • I use a lot of visuals that I prepare myself: pictures, tables, graphs.
  • I provide plenty of grammar and vocabulary exercises.
  • Listening is the first basic method of learning a language that’s why I provide a lot of recordings with exercises.
  • My objective is to run classes in Polish only, but don’t get frightened! I speak English, French and a little German, so there’s a great chance that we’ll find a common language platform.
  • Above all, I try to create a good, pleasant atmosphere, which is a prerequisite for you to learn faster and more effectively.


PLN 70 / 45 minutes

PLN 80 / 60 minutes

Methods of payment

  • Wire transfer in my company account:

Linguistic Atelier Barbara Jasińska

74 1020 1127 0000 1902 0201 0981 (PKO BP)

  • PayPal.